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Progress through initiative

Innovation at Fenazol goes beyond the continuous development of all business divisions. Instead of waiting for specific requests, our specialists independently develop total solutions in anticipation of future customer requirements.

This allows us to connect chemistry and innovation with the principles of sustainability to help address many of the world's most challenging problems such as the need for increasing productivity, clean water and cost effectiveness.

Fenazol's diversified industry-leading portfolio of business units deliver a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in denim industry.

Fenazol Paper Dyes

We are one of the fully integrateddye manufacturers around the world. We make so many different kinds of anionic direct dyes in liquid form. Our dyes are specifically engineered to dye Test Liner, Kraft Liner type of paper products based on mechanical, recycled and unbleached pulp.

Fenazol Denim Dyes

Fenazol Pre-reduced sulphur dyes are totally in stable leuco form, with very low sodium sulfide content, and ready for immediate use. The use of biodegradable reducing agents along with the FENAZOL dyes, allows to ensure sulfide free final effluents and the absence of unpleasant odors during the application.

The ecological features of the fenazol dyes are enhanced with special dyeing processes such as the Pad-Ox. The FENAZOL dyes are suitable for all kind of denim processes, continuous and exhaust dyeings (blacks for jet/overflow and all range for other applications). Besides the low consumption advantage and deep shades , one of the most important assets of Fenazol Dyes is that unlike its competitors never stick to the dyebath.


Our Range Of Chemicals and application systems are based on developments, trends and customer demands in today's denim processing industry.

Our focus is set on environmental awareness and multi-purpose products that can be applied under all kinds of circumstances.


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